I was referred to Sherrie Hammond by a yoga instructor when I asked for a recommendation for a Chiropracter.  I had been struggling with chronic neck and shoulder tension despite my yoga practice, self massage & massage therapy appointments.  I always look forward to my appointments with Sherrie- her calm healing energy, the zen atmosphere of the office and her technique make visits so enjoyable and relaxing!  Sherrie starts with a wonderful massage to assess  areas of tension and my alignment and ends with the chiropractic adjustments.  I have been seeing Sherrie over the past few months and have noticed a huge improvement in my neck/shoulder pain.  I can now sleep on my side and still move my neck in the morning!  Thank you Sherrie for your healing touch and compassionate care <3
Amanda Page,
I would like to praise Dr. Sherrie Papa for her amazing and gentle approach to treating the body. Every one of my children has seen Dr. Papa and experienced her diagnostic muscle massage prior to their adjustments. She is so approachable and makes every effort to be available when we are in need. I trust her deeply and know that in the moment she is treating anyone in my family, Dr. Papa is truly there for us. Thank you Dr. Papa for caring for my family and our bodies!
Portia Fischer,
Everything you need and nothing you don't.  I feel safe with Sherrie.  Each time I have seen her, I have had considerable relief on the first visit.  What more can you ask for?
I am a 60 year old yoga practitioner. I had 2 serious and painful injuries to my arms. Each time, within a few visits I was very happy with the results that Sherrie provided me.
Sherrie is professional, dedicated and soulful! Did I mention her magical touch?!