Pregnancy & Pediatrics

Dr. Sherrie has the training, experience and expertise to support your family through pregnancy, childbirth, and throughout your child's early years. During her career she has cared for many pregnant women, helping them to have more comfortable and healthier pregnancies.

As chiropractor, Dr. Sherrie looks to the spine to help facilitate healing in the body. Your spine is what connects the brain to the rest of your body. If there is anything blocking that communication system, then the body will not function as it was designed, and dysfunction occurs, leading to pain or dis-ease. Now chiropractic care for pregnant mommas you ask?

At the moment of conception, a hormone called Relaxin is released throughout momma's body to prepare her body for delivery. The only thing is that delivery is still months away! This means that during the upcoming months, the joints of momma's body are more prone to misaligning. These misalignments may affect the function of momma's overall health and baby's development.

As a Webster certified chiropractor, Dr. Sherrie provides Prenatal Chiropractic Care that will give you:

  • Relief from Neck and Back Pain
  • Release of overall stress in the body
  • More ease and less pain through labor
  • Balanced pelvis, allowing optimum position of baby
  • Relief from Round Ligament & Pubic Pain
  • Confidence in New Body
  • Happy Pregnancies
  • Better birth Outcomes

Once you’ve welcomed that beautiful new soul into your family, Dr, Sherrie offers specialized care that is gentle, effective and improves wellness from the newborn stage through school age and beyond. This is because chiropractic care promotes a properly functioning nervous system; enabling children to build a strong foundation of well-being. Results in children often include improvement in colic, improved latch, decrease in allergies, a reduction in sleeping disorders, and less hyperactivity. Chiropractic care is also known to improve a child’s behavior, sensory integration and emotional health. Spinal and cranial adjustments for infants are gentle and use the amount of pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

Dr. Sherrie is thrilled to partner with you in promoting optimal health for your children so your entire family achieves their greatest health potential.

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